What do we mean by “High-end cabinets without the High-end price”?

  • • We use the best drawer slides you can find- Grass undermount soft-close drawer slides are undeniably the best, smoothest gliding slides you can get. With a weight rating of 100 lbs.
  • • Our hinges are Salice brand soft-closing (Italian brand), unsurpassed in quality.
  • • Our cabinet boxes are always made with 3/4” thick material whereas the competition typically uses ½ or 5/8”.
  • • We use almost exclusively domestic-grade plywoods that are durable and much better quality than “chinese” plywood typical of import cabinets.
  • • Even with all the above we keep our costs down. We don’t have a showroom so we have less overhead. We don’t stock cabinets so there’s no warehouse to maintain. Therefore we can provide high-quality cabinets at a very reasonable price.
  • • Installation- the box stores farm out the installation to whomever. We install what we build. We coordinate with the General Contractor and the necessary trades so your job runs smooth as possible.

“The Ins & Outs of Cabinetry - A Guide”

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We make custom cabinets - not pre-fabricated

Pre-fabricated means “assembled and ready to go.” This is what all the “box” stores use. Nothing custom about it. It “works” and everything appears good from the face of things. Usually solid wood doors, and drawer boxes, but look deeper. The construction of the boxes is usually another story. Flimsy backs, thin sides, questionable construction methods, and cheaper drawer slides and door hinges. I tend to be a fanatic about my hardware. Why have solid wood doors on some cheap hinges? Don’t you want the best in drawer slides? I use Grass (german-engineered) slides that are absolutely the best. They slide like butter and are strong, with the least side to side movement of any slide. Because nothing is custom with pre-fabricated cabinets, one has to “make them fit” into the customer’s space- using fillers, and even sometimes cutting cabinets apart and rebuilding them to not fall apart. Finally, I really don’t believe you save any money with pre-fab, even if you don’t mind the quality differences and want the “base model”. Make sure you add it all up and include cost of installation. Your kitchen is the main focal point of your home. I would want that to be the nicest feature and something to enjoy for a long time to come. Your individuality can be expressed fully here, and I would recommend doing that with our custom cabinets, designed for you. Chuck Scheuermann Owner Cabinet Creations of Sun Valley

Made by local craftsmen who care about quality.

Common Accessories

The accessories below are the most commonly requested items to add to our custom cabinetry
There are manu other possibilities available that's what custom is all about!
luxury villa
wooden villa
Frozen house
luxury villa
wooden villa
wooden villa